Boston Bruins goalie Linus Ullmark had hockey fans everywhere constantly refreshing their social media feeds. Ullmark's name has been included in a few Bruins trade rumors this year. And when fans noticed he wasn't on the bench against the Toronto Maple Leafs, many expected to see something happen.

However, it wasn't to be. Ullmark wasn't on the bench simply because there wasn't room. When Boston celebrated their victory on Monday night, he went on the ice to celebrate with his teammates. After the celebration, though, he took time to respond to the social media frenzy.

Ullmark isn't playing in the same incredible form that won him the Vezina Trophy last season. Still, the 30-year-old Swede has put up another fine campaign. He has a .910 save percentage to this point in the year while ranking in the top 15 for goals saved above expected.

Why Bruins trade rumors include Linus Ullmark

The Bruins are in a rather unique position. Most NHL teams have one surefire starting goaltender with a backup taking a few games when the starter needs rest. Boston, however, has two starting-caliber goaltenders. And both of their goalies are among the best in the league.

Ullmark had his shine last season when he put up an otherwordly .938 save percentage and 42.4 goals saved above expected. This year it's Jeremy Swayman who has taken the reigns in Boston. He has played 35 games, posting a .921 save percentage and 13.1 goals saved above expected.

Many contending teams are looking for quality goaltending depth. Some even may need a new starting option. As a result, Boston could trade from a position of depth. If that happens, Ullmark is the logical choice to head out of town.

Swayman is a long-term option for the Bruins at 25 years old. Furthermore, Ullmark has a higher cap hit at $5 million for this season and next. He is certainly due a raise once he hits the open market in 2025. At the end of the day, the Bruins don't need to be the team to give him that raise.

Linus Ullmark may never have higher trade value, making him a name to watch ahead of the NHL Trade Deadline. Boston can wait until the summer, but the option is still on the table. Let's see what the Bruins decide to do between now and the March 8th deadline.