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Bucs QB Jameis Winston working on checking down more

Jameis Winston

Since coming into the league, when Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston would feel pressure, a lot of the times he would just chuck the ball up and that got him in a lot of trouble.

This season, Bruce Arians has worked with Winston on the check down game and tried to help him understand that it’s okay to only get a few yards if it is the smart play.

“Sometimes checking that ball down is the simple decision,” Winston said via Tampabay.com. “It’s about moving the chains. It’s about a completion here and a completion there. And that’s how you know the game really slows down is when you’re able to do that, when it’s just second nature.”

Winston admits that sometimes he wants to make a play so bad that it gets him in trouble, but it’s not hard to learn a new way to attack the game.

“It’s not hard. It’s challenging at times because in terms of just wanting to make a play,” Winston said. “But that’s part of growth at the quarterback position and part of the awareness of knowing when the defense did a great job. How can we protect us?”

Winston has thrown 58 interceptions in 56 career games, and it has been a big reason why he hasn’t been able to take the next step forward in his career.

If he can be successful with the check down game and limit turnovers this season, maybe this can be the year that he finally shows some of his true potential.