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Leonard Fournette roasts Micah Parsons with classic meme after huge blindside hit

Micah Parsons, Leonard Fournette, Michael Jordan, Buccaneers, Cowboys

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the battle with the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night in a 19-3 victory. There was also no shortage of jawing back and forth between Leonard Fournette and Micah Parsons on and off the field.

Fournette had a field day, rushing for well over 100 yards while Parsons still made his presence felt despite the disappointing outcome. At one point, it appears the Buccaneers RB blindsided Parsons and put him right on his behind and the video went viral on Twitter. The Cowboys star set the record straight and then on Monday, Fournette had a classic response: The Michael Jordan crying meme:

These two clearly do not like each other. For what it’s worth, Parsons wasn’t even looking at Leonard Fournette. His focus was elsewhere:

Nevertheless, the Bucs got the best of Dallas and Fournette has the last laugh. In the process, the Cowboys lost Dak Prescott to a thumb injury and several other defensive players, too. Just not a good Sunday.

Leonard Fournette had 21 carries for 127 yards in the contest and evidently had some words on the field with Parsons on numerous occasions. The war made its way to Twitter.

Honestly, Parsons reacting to this in the first place is just unnecessary. He’s a beast and everyone knows it. And you can see that it was a blindsided hit. But, emotions were running high after getting pumped by the Buccaneers and Parson couldn’t help himself.

Safe to say Leonard Fournette won this one with an absolute classic of a meme.