Buccaneers news: LeSean McCoy gushes to Rob Gronkowski Tom Brady
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LeSean McCoy gushes to Rob Gronkowski about how impressed he is with Tom Brady

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have a completely new look to their roster in 2020. The team’s big-name additions of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and running back LeSean McCoy assure that. McCoy, who is no slouch himself, gushed to his new teammate Gronkowski about what it will be like to play with Brady in 2020:

“As he’s throwing the ball, I heard a couple of the guys whispering, ‘Dang, how many years do you think he’ll play?’ That’s how good he looked, seriously,” McCoy said in a story on Penn Live. “Me and Gronk talked about it — his will to win, his will to go out there and still keep doing it. … He’s like a coach with a helmet on.

I’ve scrimmaged Tom in the past, and we are pretty cool,” McCoy said. “You know, ‘Hey, what’s up,’ but to actually see him work … he’s like a general, leading the troops, teaching them what he wants on routes and things.”

McCoy, a former second-rounder, has had a fruitful NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. The Bucs will mark the third team he has played with in the past three seasons.

Though LeSean McCoy hasn’t made a Pro Bowl since 2017, he did nab his first Super Bowl win last season. After his success on the Chiefs, and he will likely be looking for a repeat with this star-studded supporting cast. Gronk, Brady, McCoy and the rest of the team has the city excited about the team’s potential.