Tom Brady is the master of the quarterback sneak. Well, come to think of it, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar quarterback has mastered pretty much every single QB skill there is in the book. Nevertheless, the quarterback sneak is still widely considered his go-to move whenever the opportunity presents itself. This is exactly why it's quite surprising that this play has been missing in action for the Bucs so far this season.

Tampa offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich has now shed some light on this anomaly. According to the Buccaneers coach, Brady hasn't actually had much say in the matter (via

“That really has nothing to do with Tom,” Leftwich said. “That has something to do with how we feel and what we think we need to do moving forward in those situations.”

Then again, you have to consider the fact that Buccaneers rookie Rachaad White previously revealed that Brady himself actually ducked out of an opportunity to pull off the QB sneak. Instead of running the set play, Brady turned to the young running back, who scored a one-yard touchdown during the Bucs' 41-31 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4.

Could this have anything to do with Brady nursing a few minor knocks of late? Or could it merely be a tactical decision from Leftwich and the team's coaching staff?

Either way, Tom Brady hasn't exactly been playing at a GOAT level of late, and the Buccaneers' 3-2 record reflects the same. They're still sitting at the top of the NFC South right now, though.