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Tom Brady’s clairvoyant reason for nearly switching jersey numbers with Buccaneers

Tom Brady, Buccaneers

Everyone who’s followed the NFL associates Tom Brady with one number: the number 12. Ever since his days in the New England Patriots, Brady has always worn 12 on his jersey. But when he moved to Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year, the moniker TB12 almost died alongside Patriots fans’ hearts.

In an excerpt of the book “It’s Better to Be Feared: The New England Patriots Dynasty and the Pursuit of Greatness”, Seth Wickersham reveals a conversation between Brady and Buccaneers GM Jason Licht during the Bucs’ pitch to Brady. (via SI.com)

Before the two-way pitch call with the Bucs ended after 90 or so minutes, [Bruce] Arians handed the phone back to Licht. The GM had one more issue to raise. “It’s a small thing,” Licht said, “but when you’re here, it could be a big thing.” It had to do with jersey numbers. Chris Godwin was Tampa’s number 12.

“Yeah, I know that,” Brady said. “I don’t care what jersey I’m wearing. I just want to win a Super Bowl. I’m actually thinking about No. 7. Is seven available?”

“I think so,” Licht said. “Why seven?”

“Go after that seventh Super Bowl, that’s pretty cool.”

Godwin would eventually hand over the number 12 to Brady before the start of the season, but it likely didn’t matter which number the Bucs QB was wearing. In his first year with his new team, Brady immediately had a huge impact, as was expected from one of the greatest of all time. He would eventually lead the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl, where they thoroughly dismantled the Kansas City Chiefs to win it all.

How crazy would it have been if Brady wore number 7 that season just to predict his Super Bowl win? The sports world would collectively go nuts if he did that. Perhaps Tom Brady should consider wearing number 8 this time around, just to secure another Super Bowl for the Buccaneers.