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Buccaneers’ Tom Brady is scared of what may come after retirement

Buccaneers, Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM Jason Licht has given Tom Brady the green light to literally play as long as he wants. But, realistically, the 43-year-old will eventually need to hang them up.

As any athlete should, Brady is looking at what may lie ahead after football. He’s currently invested in a watch company called IWC, while also voicing his desire to help the next generation of players in their quest to be great. Despite all of these goals, there is a sense of fear for the Buccaneers QB because after all, this is all he’s ever known.

“I have a lot to give,” the 43-year-old quarterback said on Hodinkee Radio. “I think there’s a lot of time and energy still focused on being a great quarterback, that when that’s done, although I’m a little fearful of it ending, I am open to the belief that there will be a lot of opportunities for me to do things that I haven’t had a chance to do that I really think I can help a lot of people.”

At this point, there are no signs of retirement for Brady. He just led Tampa Bay to their first Super Bowl in 18 years, instantly propelling the team to greatness upon his arrival.

But, there’s no doubt that he will eventually do great things off the field when it’s all said and done. It will likely feel weird for Brady at first to not be playing the game he loves but eventually, TB12 will find his purpose.

For now, though, Brady will be looking to lead the Buccaneers to another Super Bowl title after the team essentially brought back their entire roster from 2020.

Retirement will have to wait.