The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were still holding out hope that Rob Gronkowski would (once again) come out of retirement and return to team up with Tom Brady in 2022. On Tuesday, the future Hall of Fame tight end made a declaration on his NFL future, adamantly declaring that he's hanging up the cleats. Via ESPN's Mike Reiss, Gronkowski admitted that even if Brady called him and asked him to come back, he's “done with football.”

There you have it, folks. Not even the renowned G.O.A.T. can change Gronk's mind on retirement this time. Gronkowski seemed excited about going forth with his upcoming business ventures, discussing the transition to business after 30 years of playing football.

Of course, after sitting out the 2019 season, Gronkowski returned to team up with Brady on the Buccaneers, where they won a Super Bowl together in 2020.

Immediately after Gronkowski announced his decision to retire again, via a social media post on June 21, fans and media members speculated that he could potentially be swayed to return to football. Even his agent Drew Rosenhaus chimed in on the speculation, saying that he wouldn't be surprised if Brady managed to convince Gronkowski to come back for another year. Despite all that chatter, Gronk appears to be committed to pursuing his business opportunities, and as he clearly stated, he “wouldn't go back” even if Brady was the one trying to convince him.

Last season in Tampa Bay, Gronkowski hauled in 55 receptions for 802 yards and 6 touchdowns, featuring in 12 games. He caught nine receptions in two playoff games, recording 110 yards and a touchdown during the Bucs' postseason run.