Giannis Antetokounmpo was having the time of his life on Tuesday after the Milwaukee Bucks finally won their first title in five decades in the 2021 NBA Finals. The two-time MVP was all smiles after an incredible Game 6 masterpiece and made sure to bring his epic on-court performance all the way to the locker room as the Bucks celebrated their win.

Giannis famously went on Instagram Live right after the trophy celebration to bring his 10 million followers along with him as the 26-year-old partied like there was no tomorrow. In a recently unearthed footage, it seems that Antetokounmpo had to make sure that he wouldn't let Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James out-celebrate him after winning his first-ever ring.

“I need my cigar,” Giannis said (via Bleacher Report). “I gotta do what Bron did last year, I need my cigar. Hey, where my cigar at?”

James' cigar photo was one of the more memorable captures from that crazy night back in October 2020 when the Lakers won the 2019-2020 championship. And Giannis, being the competitor (and comedian) that he is, apparently wanted to make sure that he did it better. This ‘cigar bit' was only one of many comedic instances where the newly-crowned Finals MVP was seen having a blast with his Bucks teammates after a well-deserved win.

In the end, Giannis' Finals performance against the Suns will go down in history as one of the best individual performances in NBA Finals history. And now, he has some crazy off-court celebrations to go along with it. Keep doing you, champ.