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A timeline of what happened after the Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship in Orlando Bubble

Though the circumstances were irregular inside the NBA’s bubble complex, the Los Angeles Lakers managed to claim their 17th championship with a 4-2 Finals victory over the Miami Heat. As a result, the Lakers (both Minneapolis and L.A.) are now tied with the Boston Celtics for the most titles in league history.

Here’s a look at how things transpired from the Lakers becoming the 2020 NBA Bubble World Champions to their championship party in Las Vegas (in PST when they hit social media):

Night of the Lakers’ 2020 Championship

Oct 11 @ 6:46 PM: LeBron James becomes NBA’s all-time leader in playoff games – LeBron passed former Lakers star Derek Fisher for most in history.
Oct 11 @ 7:15 PM: LeBron James’ NSFW message after winning 2020 NBA title – “I want my d— respect, too.”
Oct 11 @ 7:27 PM: Danny Green’s NSFW celebration on being done with the bubble – “We’re free. We’re f—-ing free.”
Oct 11 @ 7:27 PM: Emotional Dwight Howard’s IG Live rant – “Everybody out there, don’t ever give up on your dreams! You can f**kin do it, I swear! Just keep fighting. I swear, don’t ever give up on yourself. Look at this sh*t bruh!”
Oct 11 @ 7:58 PM: LeBron James gets best ‘in the universe’ statement from Lakers coach Frank Vogel –  “He’s the greatest player the basketball universe has ever seen.”
Oct 11 @ 8:46 PM: Anthony Davis dedicates 2020 title to Kobe Bryant – “He was a big brother to all of us and we did this for him.”
Oct 11 @ 8:55 PM: LeBron James hilariously demands goggles as he anticipates champagne bath – LeBron just wanted to protect his eyes.
Oct 11 @ 9:06 PM: LeBron James FaceTimes mom after winning NBA championship – “Hey momma, I had to leave the locker. They going crazy in there.”
Oct 11 @ 9:14 PM: Lakers big man JaVale McGee takes playful jab at Giannis Antetokounmpo after winning title – “Y’all talk about the Greek Freak, he’s the first one winning!”
Oct 11 @ 9:18 PM: ‘Half-drunk’ Kyle Kuzma has honest response to postgame interview – “I’m half drunk right now from all the champagne, so I don’t know how to act.”
Oct 11 @ 9:27 PM: LeBron James admits what makes 4th title so important – “I think personally, having something to prove fuels me.”
Oct 11 @ 9:38 PM: Surreal ‘Kobe’ chants are out in L.A. after Lakers’ NBA Finals victory – Fans paid tribute to Kobe.
Oct 11 @ 10:08 PM: LeBron James joins Michael Jordan after winning his 4th Finals MVP award – LeBron made history with the Lakers’ title win.
Oct 11 @ 10:15 PM: Vanessa Bryant posts heartfelt message for Lakers GM Rob Pelinka after NBA Finals – “Kobe was right, RP! Stay the course blockout the noise.”
Oct 11 @ 10:28 PM: Quinn Cook hilariously chats JR Smith in IG Live to get team bus to come back and pick him up – The Lakers forgot Cook at the arena.
Oct 11 @ 10:47 PM: ‘Old’ LeBron James sends warning to teams after Lakers’ NBA Finals win – “I’ve got a lot of years left.”
Oct 11 @ 10:52 PM: Magic Johnson storms Twitter after Lakers’ NBA Finals victory – “LeBron James made good on his guarantee…..”
Oct 11 @ 11:09 PM: Lakers’ LeBron James says 35-year old him would ‘dominate’ 27-year old Bron – “He would dominate him.”
Oct 11 @ 11:10 PM: Anthony Davis speaks out on his free agency after NBA Finals win with Lakers – “I’m not 100% sure.”

Leaving The Bubble, Arriving In Los Angeles

Oct 12 @ 5:22 AM: Danny Green fires back at critics after winning 2020 NBA championship with Lakers – “Wat they gon say now?”
Oct 12 @ 5:52 AM: Magic Johnson reacts to Rob Pelinka calling him right after Lakers won championship – “It means the world to me…..”
Oct 12 @ 6:17 AM: Lakers fans flock to streets around Staples Center to celebrate NBA title despite COVID-19 – Staples Center was a party.
Oct 12 @ 7:11 AM: Man in actual bubble celebrates Lakers’ bubble championship run – The bubble didn’t burst for the Lakers.
Oct 12 @ 7:27 AM: Celtics icon Bill Russell congratulates LeBron James, Lakers while wearing Kobe Bryant cap – The legend speaks.
Oct 12 @ 7:35 AM: Rajon Rondo reacts to winning a ring with Lakers after losing to them as a Celtic – “I’ve been up 3-2 before in a series and lost…..”
Oct 12 @ 7:50 AM: Alex Caruso reacts to Lakers winning championship despite several detractors – “I don’t think a lot of people thought we could do it.”
Oct 12 @ 7:55 AM: Dion Waiters takes jab at Heat for trying to ‘bury’ him earlier in season – “Look at me now.”
Oct 12 @ 8:32 AM: LeBron James, Anthony Davis celebrate Lakers title win late into night in Disney bubble – They earned it.
Oct 12 @ 9:00 AM: Lakers star LeBron James reflects on wild ride in bubble after winning NBA championship – “At times I was questioning myself.”
Oct 12 @ 9:16 AM: Lakers’ LeBron James channels Maximus from ‘Gladiator’ in post-title IG message – “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED.”
Oct 12 @ 11:18 AM: LeBron James’ secret message to Anthony Davis as Lakers won NBA title – “We’ve got more work to do.”
Oct 12 @ 11:47 AM: Lakers fans destroy Cavs championship merchandise record in 12 hours – It was quite a feat.
Oct 12 @ 12:59 PM: Avery Bradley reacts to watching Lakers win title from afar – “I think it is something that is hard, obviously, not being there.”
Oct 12 @ 1:06 PM: President Barack Obama reacts to LeBron James winning 4th NBA championship – “Proud of my friend….”
Oct 12 @ 3:01 PM: Donald Trump reacts to LeBron James, Lakers winning NBA championship – “Zero interest!”
Oct 12 @ 3:04 PM: LeBron James speaks out on his ‘love’ for Michael Jordan, constant comparison – “Ya’ll can figure that out.”
Oct 12 @ 3:23 PM: Anthony Davis’ two-word response when asked who the GOAT is between LeBron James, Michael Jordan – “He’s different.”
Oct 12 @ 3:54 PM: LeBron James was ‘very close’ to leaving Walt Disney bubble – “What changed everything was when he and Paul got on the phone with former President Barack Obama.”
Oct 12 @ 4:16 PM: LeBron James’ first tweet since winning title with Lakers – “444.”
Oct 12 @ 6:13 PM: Kyle Kuzma’s hilarious reaction to being back in Los Angeles – He was thrilled.
Oct 12 @ 6:24 PM: Jeanie Buss’ heartfelt message to Lakers after winning NBA title – “You have written your own inspiring chapter in the great Laker history.”
Oct 12 @ 6:34 PM: Lakers reveal plan for championship celebration amid coronavirus pandemic – “We cannot wait to celebrate our NBA title with our fans….”
Oct 12 @ 6:56 PM: Emotional LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Lakers players speak immediately after landing in LA – The champs had something to say.
Oct 12 @ 8:57 PM: Lakers mural gets awesome Kobe Bryant transformation after 2020 championship win – ‘Leave a Legacy’.
Oct 12 @ 9:31 PM: What LeBron James told a crying Anthony Davis minutes before winning NBA title – “Oh, you crybaby!”
Oct 12 @ 9:45 PM: LeBron James’ epic tweet after unbelievable championship win with Lakers in NBA bubble – “It just now hit me!”
Oct 12 @ 9:49 PM: LeBron James has a strong message for all his critics – “I know they’ll make up another criteria that nobody else has ever had in the history of the game.”
Oct 13 @ 8:01 AM: 76 fans arrested, 8 cops injured during Lakers championship riots – The title win had some bad moments too.
Oct 13 @ 9:44 AM: Anthony Davis posts first Instagram message after winning NBA title – “Don’t need a caption for this one.”
Oct 13 @ 9:23 PM: LeBron James fires back at ‘Washed King’ critics after 2020 title win – The picture is worth a thousand words.
Oct 13 @ 9:58 PM: Shaquille O’Neal speaks out on if LeBron James-led Lakers can be a dynasty after 2020 title – “This will be a start.”

Lakers’ 2020 Championship Party In Vegas

Oct 18 @ 5:35 AM: LeBron James seen playing blackjack, repping Dodgers in Las Vegas while celebrating 2020 title – LeBron also had a ’23’ cigar.

Oct 18 @ 12:47 PM: Lakers’ JR Smith takes over DJ booth in Las Vegas while celebrating championship – JR Smith knows how to party.

Oct 18 @ 1:19 PM: LeBron James walks into Las Vegas championship party with Larry O’Brien Trophy – The champ is here.