The Milwaukee Bucks made headlines on Saturday after reports surfaced that the front office had decided to hire Adrian Griffin as their new head coach. Unfortunately for the Bucks, a three-year-old shocking controversy resurfaced as soon as he landed the high-profile job in Milwaukee.

Three years ago, Griffin was involved in a nasty legal battle with his ex-wife, Audrey Griffin. Adrian's former spouse went public with her allegations, taking to social media to accuse Griffin of physically abusing her. The ex-couple then took their dispute to court, and it turned into an ugly, full-blown controversy.

Unsurprisingly, media members brought the accusations back to light now that the Bucks hired Griffin as their head coach. CBS Sports reporter Sam Quinn provided the troubling details of Griffin's case.

“In a 2020 social media post, Audrey Griffin accused Adrian of choking her, throwing her into a wall and dragging her across the lawn while pregnant among other things. Griffin has denied the accusations and has not been charged with anything,” Quinn wrote in his tweet.

Here is the original post from Audrey Griffin from August 2020:

For his part, Griffin denied any and all allegations, even going as far as countersuing his ex-wife. In a public statement, Adrian Griffin's camp turned the tables on Audrey by calling out her supposed “lies:”

These were all lies, completely fabricated to take advantage of the current online climate where a woman’s unsupported accusation would be inherently believed, no matter how false or far-fetched,” Griffin's attorney wrote in the lawsuit, per TMZ Sports. “In today’s lost cancel culture, where angry mobs patrol the bowels of social media ready to pounce, an accusation, with or without evidence, is the equivalent of a conviction. Sterling knew her accusations to be false. She made them anyway, and persisted in making them, until her thirst for blood was quenched.”
Whatever the case might be, this can't be a good look for the Bucks right now. There is no doubt that the organization is well aware of this scandal, and they've done their due diligence with the same. Hopefully, this was taken into account when they made their decision.