Giannis Antetokounmpo and Robin Lopez used to be two best friends during their time on the Milwaukee Bucks. Before the games, they used to be seen having wrestling matches with their other bucks teammate Wesley Matthews.

The Bucks are currently taking on the Orlando Magic, which Robin is a member of. Before the game, Giannis, Lopez, and Matthews were all seen wrestling just like they used to do before the Bucks pre-games.

This is a heartfelt moment between the former Bucks player and shows just how close of a relationship they all had together when they were one of the best teams in the NBA a few seasons ago.

Milwaukee should be able to walk away with this victory against the Magic easily. Milwaukee is one of the best teams in the NBA and Orlando has arguably been playing like the worst team in the NBA. Robin Lopez is certainly going to play good basketball just like he has for most of his career. He doesn't necessarily do anything overpowering, but he has been a good pro for most of his career and that's not going to change anytime soon. There is even a chance of the Bucks decide to go out and get him again during the NBA Trade Deadline because they could use some big man help as Robins brother, Brook Lopez, returns from back surgery.