No NBA star knows Damian Lillard more than CJ McCollum. The two have formed an elite duo that struck fear into the hearts of the Portland Trail Blazers' opponents for years. This is why when the trade that sent Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks dropped, his former running mate was one of the first to comment. He even outlined how this was arguably the better scenario over getting traded to the Miami Heat, via Aaron Fentress of The Oregonian/Oregon Live.

“Miami would have been great for him and that’s where he wanted to go. But you could argue that this is a better situation in terms of winning a championship than Miami,” CJ McCollum said about Damian Lillard's trade.

More than praising Giannis Antetokounmpo for being the best pairing for Lillard, McCollum also laid down factors like the weather and tax conditions for his former Blazers teammate. But, he knows, much like any avid watcher of the NBA, that the pairing in the Bucks system eclipses the potential Heat team-up.

McCollum went into further detail about how this new duo could scare the league, “No disrespect to Jimmy and Bam, and that organization, and that roster, but Giannis is different. That’s a different guy to play alongside in terms of his dominance. There’s not another guy in the league that dominates the way he does. He’s just the guy that’s really, really hard to guard.”

Whatever Lillard lacks is what Antetokounmpo offers on the table and vice versa. They are a complete duo with little overlap in skill sets. Not to mention, one of the scariest ball handler and roll man combinations in all of NBA history.