Detroit Pistons fans appear none too happy over a recent moving placing former Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan directly in their face moving forward.

Having your decades-long rival’s logo imprinted on your jersey might not be the best way to show-off team spirit and identity.  But this is exactly what happened to Pistons fans as Detroit dropped their new jerseys for the NBA season resume.

The official page even went as far as posting a side-by-side of the Bulls legend's and Piston forward Blake Griffin’s dunks — and the impassioned supporters of the team did not take it lightly. 

The New York post compiled some of the reactions on the Detroit Instagram post.

Pistons insider and writer Duncan Smith even tweeted a meme saying:

“The Bad Boys didn’t battle and bleed for this.”

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Smith also started a Twitter thread of the best comparison to the latest NBA issue.

The Bulls-Pistons rivalry isn’t news to the avid fans of either team. But the recent releases of Netflix’s The Last Dance has put more fire to the already fierce and controversial feud as Jordan expressed his great dislike for Isiah Thomas and the “Bad Boys”. He points it to the latter’s rough playing style on the court. 

The fan reaction to the jersey issue proves that the dislike is not one-sided. Jordan’s electric play-making and daring personality definitely clashed with the Piston's ferocity — and this friction sparked the infamous and generations-worth of rivalry between the two franchises. 

It has yet to peak like it did in the 90s, but as Duncan Smith tweeted, did Jordan have the last laugh in this feud? We’ll have to check in on the Piston’s performance with the new jersey to find out.