Coby White didn't get off to a great start this season for the Chicago Bulls, but he is now one of the hottest shooters in the league. He has had two 30+ games as of late for the Bulls, and his three-point shooting has been tremendous. After he got off to a slow start this year, some people might've given up on him, but he is now playing at an elite level.

Through 55 games this season with the Bulls, Coby White is averaging 19.6 PPG. He has taken big strides since last season, and even since the beginning of this year. He recently revealed his secret to success.

“I feel like at the start of the season I was shooting the ball very poorly like the first I want to say 15 games,” Coby White told the media recently. “I couldn't throw a ball in the ocean. But I feel like ever since then, I think you just got to just stay positive, talk to your mind. And that's one thing I did was just stay positive. You know, just just try to talk to myself with self talks and ‘you're going to make shots, you're gonna make shots.' Just stay disciplined, you're gonna make shots and like I said, I started to, you know, just make shots. And like I said, I tried to just control what I can control. I feel like I wasn't playing bad at the beginning of the year, I just wasn't making shots and now I'm making shots. So I mean, you can't control if you make a mistake.”

White certainly is making shots, and he's making a lot of them. White and the Bulls are currently 26-29 with 27 games left, and if he continues to play like he has been, this team can make a postseason run.