Lonzo Ball is expected to miss the 2023-24 season due to an injury. Ball, who's a star player but has dealt with no shortage of injury concerns, provided an update on his status during Media Day, per the Chicago Bulls on X (formerly Twitter).

“Pretty good. About halfway through the rehab process,” Ball said about how he's feeling. “Got a long ways ahead of me, but each week I've been progressing, I'm just trying to stay positive and take it day by day. I definitely plan on playing again. I'm only 25 and I felt like the rehab process is going well so far… it's just keeping my head up and keep going to work.”

Bulls: Lonzo Ball not giving up

The idea of retirement has been floated amid Lonzo Ball's uncertain injury status. However, he clearly doesn't want to quit.

“You can always quit, take the easy way out and pout and go to the side,” Ball said in August, via Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic. “But for me, if you're trying to get to a place where I want to get to, you've just got to get back up, go dust off and keep going.”

He's only 25-years old and should be able to return at some point down the road. It is unfortunate to see him battle these injury issues at such a young age though. Prior to this ailment, Lonzo Ball was developing into a star point guard for the Bulls. The former No. 2 overall pick still has a bright future, but these injury problems cannot be ignored.

Meanwhile, the Bulls are looking to bounce back during the 2023-24 season. Chicago is a difficult team to discuss, as they feature a number of good players but the results did not show up last year. Ball's absence certainly didn't help matters for the Bulls.

Still, they will need to find a way to win without him in 2023-24.