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Magic Johnson or Thad Young? Bulls vet reacts to getting hilarious nickname

Thad Young Magic Johnson Bulls Lakers

NBA fans have indeed come up with plenty of hilarious nicknames for their favorite players over the years. But Chicago Bulls broadcaster Stacey King for this latest one, for better or worse. Bulls forward Thaddeus Young was beyond amused when he found out his latest monicker on Basketball Reference.com.

While Young usually just goes by the shortened version of his birth name “Thad”, one witty fan opted for a more complicated nickname and a clear ode to Hall of Famer Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Now that’s magic. Or in this case, “Thagic”.

It didn’t take long for the hysterical monicker to catch on, as other Twitter users began sharing their new favorite pet name for the veteran Bulls forward.

You don’t need a long hard look to see just how different Thaddeus Young’s game is to Magic Johnson. In hindsight, the 6-foot-8 Bulls forward is not as good nor as successful as Magic was. Plus, Young is more of a hardworking role player while Johnson is one of the best and most creative facilitators the league has ever seen.

To state the obvious, he did not earn that nickname from having the same skillset as Magic had. Well, Thagic Johnson does sound catchy. So if the shoe fits, right?

Young, meanwhile, had another fine outing in the Bulls’ 133-126 overtime win over his former team Minnesota Timberwolves at United Center on Wednesday. The lefty forward scored 14 points on 7-of-14 shooting from the field and dished six assists, two boards, and four steals.

Despite being a solid veteran presence for Chicago, Young’s name has been linked to multiple trade rumors since the beginning of the year. Several contenders clearly want a piece of “Thagic”, to bolster their second unit before the trade deadline next month. But in the meantime, Bulls fans will definitely enjoy him.