It looks like Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic has let bygones be bygones.

After weeks of there being no resolution to the fight between he and Bobby Portis that landed him in the hospital with a concussion and a broken face, Mirotic is finally ready to move forward. He accepted Portis' apology recently, and has now told K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune that he's not mad anymore and will focus on moving forward.

“I’m not angry at anyone,” Mirotic said. “I’m doing fine with myself. My family is great. There’s nothing to be angry about now. It’s all over. It’s a new beginning.”

This badly needed to happen. The Bulls didn't make any indication that they would trade either Portis or Mirotic, and the locker room had actually backed Portis during this whole ordeal. Portis also served a suspension from which he has since returned.

At this point, the two players just need to find a way to coexist. The team is terrible anyway, so trading one of them doesn't really accomplish anything positive in the long term.

And both Mirotic and Portis are decent NBA players that could compliment each other on the same team.

So while the altercation happened, words were said and sides were chosen, Mirotic and Portis are both adults and they should ultimately be fine working together. They won't be besties, but they don't need that. They just need to respect each other moving forward.