We hear how players have their ways of preparing for games. Some don't eat much, or maybe they have a rule against drinking alcohol the night before. Leave it up to Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverley to take it to another level.

Beverley has never been one to hold back on his opinions or ways of doing stuff, but you can be the judge on his thoughts on not wanting to get freaky before games have to be played.

Speaking on his podcast (via Ahn Fire Digital), Patrick Beverley gets into the juicy details about his sex life, and why getting freaky has to wait until after the game.

“I don’t have sex night before games,” he said before his cohost mentioned keeping his legs fresh. “… I want to have fresh — you know what I’m saying? Wifey gon’ kill me, though.”

Two things come to mind when hearing Pat Bev's comments. The first is sex normally wins in the list of priorities. Beverley saying the game comes first speaks to the amount of discipline it takes to say getting freaky has to wait. In other words, that's the mental part coming into focus.

Secondly, it's not breaking news to say sex is tiring, so making sure the legs are fresh for a basketball game probably doesn't happen after one of these sessions. The last thing a player wants is to get circles ran around them by some of the best athletes in the world.

It sounds like Beverley understands the wife probably isn't the happiest with this arrangement, but at least other night remain an option.