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Bulls’ Thaddeus Young gives inside scoop on massive dysfunction under old regime

Thaddeus Young, Zach LaVine,Jim Boylen, John Paxson, Gar Forman, Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are in a good place right now and with the improved play of first-time All-Star Zach LaVine and the acquisition of underrated big man Nikola Vučević. It looks like things will only get better.

The team’s situation last season, however, was very different and Thaddeus Young discussed this during an NBC Sports Chicago’ Bulls Talk Podcast.  

“Last year, was real tough on me. It was real tough on me. I actually thought about last year, ‘Man, after this I’m done,’ Young stated. “Just because it was so bad last year to the point, where, like, I had never really been frustrated and I had gotten so frustrated with just like a lot of the stuff that was going on to the point where it was like ‘Is it even worth it for the team to even deal with it?’”

During that season, the Bulls finished with a dismal 22-43 record. This was tough for Young, who came from a winning organization in the Indiana Pacers that regularly made the playoffs, per Elias Schuster of Bleacher Nation.

The veteran did his part in giving suggestions on how the team should play. For Young, it’s fine that the team takes outside shots, but the Bulls were built primarily for the mid-range game and closer.  

The biggest issue for Young was the lack of transparency, as he could not even get a straight answer on whether the Bulls were vying for a spot in the postseason or developing the young talents.

Young said that the Bulls should make changes and that every game felt like “taking a knife into a gunfight.”