The New York Knicks made strides in the 2015-16 season, improving their record from the previous year by 15 wins. But after making the playoffs only four of the last 15 seasons, fans are looking for more.

The organization has been in a clear rebuilding phase since coaching legend Phil Jackson was signed on as president of the Knicks in 2014. While there hasn’t been much success thus far, there is hope for the team after drafting Kristaps Porzingis in 2015. The 7'3″ Latvian was one of the better rookies to come into the NBA last season.

According to Phil Jackson, he’s not the only one who believes the Knicks are on the rise. When interviewed by WNBC, Jackson said that both he and Carmelo Anthony believe that the Knicks’ overall situation is “not that bad.”

Phil Jackson’s comment per ESPN’s Ian Begley:

“In our meeting at the end of the season, Carmelo said, ‘really (the Knicks’ situation is) not that bad. I think we have the best front line guys in the game, in the Eastern Conference, in Robin (Lopez), myself and Kristaps (Porzingis).’ And I have to agree with him. Yes, those are three real potent figures… So we have some positions to fill, but not a lot. Not that many.”

Of course, if you have to say “not that bad,” chances are you are also “not that good.” The Knicks have now missed the playoffs for the past three seasons after losing in the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 2013.

However, the Knicks do have a chance to improve again next season if they are able to find a point guard who can get the ball to the talented big-men down low. With the salary cap increasing and so many players becoming free agents this offseason, Phil Jackson will be busy this summer looking for the wing players that can get the team back to the playoffs.

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