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Video: Jalen Rose calls Paul Pierce petty over the jersey retirement drama

Jalen Rose

Oh, boy. The altercations and confrontations just won’t stop. Now, it’s outside the court. Even the analysts, who are friendly for the most part, are now getting testy with each other.

ESPN’s Jalen Rose and Paul Pierce, also respected NBA veterans back in their playing days, had some back-and-forth Wednesday night, as the two conversed on the latter’s coming jersey retirement with the Boston Celtics.

Rose, known to not have a filter (in a fun way), voiced out views on Pierce’s recent comments about the video tribute for another beloved Celtic, Isaiah Thomas, as Pierce noted that he didn’t want to share a spotlight on his special day.

Here was what Rose said on NBA on ESPN. He also addressed Rajon Rondo’s (also a former Celtic) “What has he done?” remarks on Thomas:

“You don’t have to win conference titles for a team to be celebrated. What about if it’s something that you did in the community? What about something you brought to the team that was really special? By the way, the Boston Celtics did turn around their fortunes since you [Paul Pierce] play there, when Isaiah Thomas was leading them. He was part of them being a number one seed. He had tragedy with the team. He even played in a playoff game after his sister tragically passed away.”

…and here was when Rose drew some “ooh” reactions from the guys on the panel:

“Next, I got a say a word for you fam [Paul Pierce]. I think it was petty.”

“…celebrating Isaiah Thomas doesn’t take away from your part, like Kobe’s [Kobe Bryant] that happened during the game, ’cause they’re doing yours postgame.”

Paul Pierce defended himself, saying that playing video tributes of other players throughout the game “will take away from the memories” that he spent in Boston.

Both sides have points. Jalen Rose is right in saying that Thomas deserves recognition from the Celtics faithful, and that Pierce shouldn’t worry too much about getting his thunder stolen. Pierce, on the other hand, has a fair point in preferring to have the night only dedicated to himself, since he played longer and had more accolades while with the franchise.

Whose side are you on?