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Kyrie Irving’s handles third-best ever according to God Shammgod

God Shammgod only played 20 games in the NBA, but is widely regarded as having one of, if not the best handles ever. He even invented a crossover move, the Shammgod, which is named after him and is used by some players in the league to this day.

With Kyrie Irving widely considered to have very good handles as well, the former pro was asked where he thinks the Boston Celtics guard ranks in his all-time list. Surprisingly, he only placed him third, saying he is on top, followed by Hall of Famer and legend Isiah Thomas.

Now 41 years old, Shammgod’s life still revolves around basketball. He is currently a player development coach for the Dallas Mavericks, and also served as an assistant of Ed Cooley at Providence. There have been some NBA players who trained under him back in their college days like Kris Dunn and Bryce Cotton, who both give him a lot of credit for helping them improve their games.

Irving is only in his seventh season in the league, and is already a four-time All-Star and NBA champion. That said, he still has a long way to go to continue strengthening his legacy, and if he does win more honors in the future, as well as become an even better player, Shammgod may consider placing him higher in his rankings.