Austin Ekeler sent shockwaves around the NFL earlier this offseason when he made a public trade request off of the Los Angeles Chargers. Ekeler wanted a new contract, and the Chargers were showing no interest in handing him an extension. The conflict came to a resolution on Tuesday, though, as the Chargers added some more incentives onto the final year of Ekeler's deal to keep him happy for the 2023 season.

Ekeler is one of the premier dual-threat running backs in the NFL, and his 2022 numbers show why. Ekeler can do damage on the ground (204 CAR, 915 YDS, 13 TD) and also in the air as a receiver (107 REC, 722 YDS, 5 TD), making him a vital piece of LA's offense. And with his new deal official, the parameters of Ekeler's potential extra earnings in 2023 have been revealed.

Via Tom Pelissero:

New incentives in #Chargers RB Austin Ekeler’s revised deal:

Up to $1M for total yards (tiers from 1,125 to 1,639)

Up to $600K for TDs (tiers from 10 to 16)

$150K for Pro Bowl

Ekeler had 1,637 yards and 18 TDs in 2022. So a similar season in 2023 can earn him the full $1.75M.

Given how good Ekeler has been since taking over as the team's lead running back, it's fair to expect him to be able to hit these incentives and take home an extra $1.75 million. This doesn't guarantee that Ekeler will be sticking around for the long-term future, but it is good to see that the two sides were able to reach a compromise for the upcoming season, which could make hammering out a deal next offseason much more doable.