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Chargers sent out merchandise email that says San Diego instead of Los Angeles

Chargers Boltman

The Los Angeles Chargers have been out of San Diego for over a year, but evidently, not everyone working with the organization knows the team has moved. Earlier this week the Chargers sent out an email advertising some new gear the team has available, which isn’t out of the norm. There was one big goof up in the title of email, though.

“New San Diego Chargers Gear! Free Shipping Ends Today!”

Some team official didn’t proofread the email closely enough to notice they had put San Diego Chargers instead of Los Angeles. As shocking as the error seems, it has only been a comedy of errors since the team moved to become the second team in Los Angeles.

First, the franchise couldn’t seem to get the logo right, releasing two designs that were mocked on social media before finally sticking with the third one.

Then, in Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn’s first season, the team didn’t get off to a great start, as he called them the San Diego Chargers during his introductory press conference. The team also played at the LA Galaxy’s home, the StubHub Center, which only holds 27,000 fans. They had problems just selling that out, and in most games, the opposing fans appeared to outnumber Chargers fans.

This adventure with the Chargers moving to Los Angeles is off to a terrible start (at least off the field), and it continues to get worse as time goes on. Maybe the team should have stayed in San Diego, avoiding all of their PR nightmares last year.