Charles Barkley has made serious modifications to what was once an absolutely hideous golf swing. One might even say it's a sight for sore eyes.

The NBA Hall of Famer displayed his new swing during the Regions Tradition golf tournament in Hoover, Alabama on Wednesday. It appears to be a vast improvement on previous iterations of his move.

By past iterations, we mean abominations.

Charles Barkley's swing has been a legitimate source of comedy. There is even an entire YouTube compilation of Barkley swings, which can be seen below.

Remember that scene from the film Happy Gilmore when the title character, played by Adam Sandler, says “Happy learned how to putt!” Has Charles Barkley finally learned how to swing a golf club? Well, we can't totally be sure.

Barkley has been on record numerous times about the regression his golf game has experienced through the years. He said in 2017 he used to break 80 on a consistent basis, but the development of his infamous hitch made things infinitely more difficult:

“Everybody knows I suck at golf now because I’ve got this nervous twitch,” Barkley said, via Golf Digest. “I ain’t always been a bum on the golf course. I’m a bum now, but I used to break 80 all the time.”

Still, the above swing is a clear showing of improvement. “Sir Charles” has toiled at this for years now. He probably deserves to knock at least a few strokes off his game.

It would be quite entertaining to see Barkley get a shot at redemption after last fall's exhibition match with Phil Mickelson, Stephen Curry and Peyton Manning.