For the sixth-time over the past 10 weeks, the Chicago Bears have lost a game. While this may not be the biggest surprise, as the team did trade just away two Pro-Bowl-level defensive talents over the past week and change, this particular loss stings more than most because it almost didn't happen.

No, in a game where Justin Field ran wild, setting a new single-game NFL record for most rushing yards by a quarterback at 178, the final outcome of the contest effectively came down to a single throw from the former OSU quarterback to his newly acquired WR1 Chase Claypool, who had a chance to bring it down in bounds on third-and-10 to set up a field goal or even a touchdown down three points with roughly 90 seconds left to play. Was the pass great? Eh, not really, but as you can see below via the Dan Le Batard Show, Claypool didn't exactly get a chance to bring in the ball, regardless of the quality of the pass.

Tracking the ball through the air with Keion Crossen covering underneath and safety Jevon Holland providing support from over the top, Claypool had two arms under his own before the ball even arrived in his catching radius and was thoroughly wrapped up by both defenders and taken to the ground before the ball even landed incomplete on the grass

Yikes, that was a brutal play, but hey, at least the referees called pass interference and kept the Bears alive, right? Nope; the ball was seemingly deemed uncatchable, the Chicago Bears threw a nothing pass to Equanimeous St. Brown on fourth-and-10, and lost the game 35-32. Goodness, that certainly isn't going to be talked about on Monday Sports Radio.