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Chiefs news: Alex Smith’s agent says he’ll remain in demand, either in Kansas City or elsewhere

Alex Smith, Chiefs

The quarterback market has been at an all-time high lately. Finding quality quarterbacks is so difficult; anybody with mild success will warrant a high draft pick.

Let’s look back to a recent quarterback trade.

Around this time last season, Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater destroyed his knee and the Vikings quickly went out and traded for then Eagles QB Sam Bradford, giving up a first-round pick and conditional fourth-round slot. That is a hefty price to pay for a quarterback who is mediocre, at best.

The Kansas City Chiefs paid a heavy price to trade up for QB Patrick Mahomes out of Texas Tech in 2016. They gave up a future first-rounder to the Buffalo Bills in order to get what was widely considered as a project QB. Now, with all the hype surrounding Mahomes, it’s only normal to start talking about the future of present starter, Alex Smith.

Smith has been battling for a starting position for much of his career after finding a more secure opportunity in coach Andy Reid’s west coast offense. But, with the bold move taken by the Chiefs, how long is it before Smith is replaced by Mahomes?

If the Chiefs cut Smith next year, they will save roughly $17 million in cap space, which can be used for other positions of need.

Smith’s agent Tom Condon isn’t worried, though. In an interview on “The Fuzzcast,”, Condon says that regardless of what happens to Smith with the Chiefs, he will have plenty of opportunities elsewhere.

Transcribed by Pete Sweeney of Arrowhead Pride:

“Pat is going to be their future, but Alex is the present, and as good a football player as he is, he’s going to have opportunities whether it’s in Kansas City or someplace else.”

Where are potential landing spots for Smith? In my opinion, I think Smith could be a great stop-gap QB for the Denver Broncos or the New York Jets if they draft a future QB option.