Chiefs news: Coach Andy Reid gives up offensive duties
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Chiefs coach Andy Reid gives up offensive duties

Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid will no longer be calling the plays on the offensive side of the football. The coach has instead delegated those duties to offensive coordinator Matt Nagy.

This is according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

As seen in the tweet, Andy Reid will still have some oversight on how the offense operates.

This isn’t a totally abnormal thing. Plenty of head coaches remove themselves from the micromanagement style, preferring to allow others to be hands-on, while they are more of a person who just oversees the important aspects.

Reid, who is known to not handle time management issues well, choosing to do this now is a bit of a weird move, though. Generally speaking, a coach who releases power at this point in the season is doing so to save his job. Reid, as far as everyone knows, is safe with his job security.

Hopefully, for the sake of our entertainment, the collegiate style of offense Reid has used remains intact. While there shouldn’t be a major overhaul in style of play from this point on, a difference in when — and how often — those quirky plays are called might happen.

Reid consistently has vetoed the idea of benching Alex Smith for Patrick Mahomes this season. But Mortensen also reports that Smith’s performance against the Jets will determine the length of his leash.

To put it more bluntly, depending on what happens, there might be more changes coming to the offense. Hooray for the Chiefs, I guess.