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Chiefs’ Andy Reid reveals his ‘classic’ work from home setup

Andy Reid, Chiefs

While the NFL schedule has not been affected by COVID-19 thus far, it doesn’t mean that players and coaches haven’t had to adjust, including Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

Everyone is having to work from home for now, and that is definitely a different experience.

But Reid is making the most of it, as he has turned the basement of his own into his own little headquarters:

“It’s kind of classic,” Reid said, according to Peter King of NBC Sports. “I’m sitting in my basement, literally, and I’ve got an arc trainer sitting here in case I want to jump on that to get a little exercise. I’ve got my monitor set up along with my computer and my iPad right next to that. I’ve got one of my wife’s antique tables here, a little coffee table, that I’m using to throw everything on. I’m in the basement, and you know what, it’s not bad.”

King added that Reid sounded almost “gleeful” when discussing his little hideout.

Considering that Reid is coming off of his first-ever Super Bowl win, he would probably be gleeful through just about anything right now.

The 62-year-old has spent the last seven years coaching the Chiefs, leading them to playoff appearances in six of those seven seasons. Kansas City has also captured four straight AFC West division titles.

Prior to his time with the Chiefs, Reid spent 14 seasons as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. There, he made nine playoff appearances and won six NFC East division crowns, but made it to just one Super Bowl, which ended in a loss.