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Patrick Mahomes says Chiefs never stop adding plays to their offense

Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs offense led by Patrick Mahomes last year was impressive but that doesn’t mean the team is satisfied.

According to Mahomes, this offseason has been spent learning new plays that need to be installed and that will continue through the offseason.

“We’ve added a lot. We never stop adding plays here. That’s the best thing about this team, this offense: We’re never satisfied with where we’re at. We’re always trying to get better, finding ways to get better as a team, as an offense,” Mahomes said via Pro Football Talk.

Adding plays is smart because it can help keep defenses off balance but the biggest thing that Mahomes has been working on is getting better every day. He knows he made some pretty spectacular plays last year but the most important thing is to make the ordinary plays consistently.

“There’s still a ton that I need to improve on. There really is. I made a lot of plays happen kind of off-script, but there were times I should have just made the easy completion for the first down. So I have to keep finding that line of when I want to make the big play happen and when I should take the easy completion,” Mahomes said.

If Mahomes can build off the 5,o97 yards and 50 touchdowns he threw last year by making the ordinary play consistently the rest of the league needs to be worried.

He is the future of the NFL and the goal this year is to get his first Lombardi Trophy.