Chiefs news: Patrick Mahomes speaks out on his new contract
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Patrick Mahomes speaks out on his new contract with Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the best quarterbacks in football right now in Patrick Mahomes. So earlier this week, they decided to lock him down for the long term.

Mahomes and the Chiefs agreed to a 10-year deal that could end up being worth more than $500 million.

Obviously, the contract has been a major topic of discussion. Not only did it keep one of the best quarterbacks in football on the reigning Super Bowl champions’ roster, but it paid him a record-setting amount of money while doing so.

Everyone else has weighed in, so what about Mahomes? Adam Teicher of ESPN gave a little insight.

Mahomes is not wrong. The contract definitely gives him long term security.

As for the team being able to build around him, that remains to be seen. A lot of people believe that with that type of money going into one player, it will be hard for the team to keep the proper pieces around him.

However, Mahomes has already led the team to one Super Bowl ring, and is poised to make another run in 2020.

The team still has quite a few big names locked up for the next few seasons. That includes Frank Clark, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Eric Fisher. All but two members of the team’s starting lineup from last season have returned for 2020. So at the very least, the Chiefs can make a run at the Super Bowl a few more times before having to break up their core pieces.

And even if change comes to the Chiefs roster in the coming years, they will still have Mahomes, who already has a Super Bowl ring, Super Bowl MVP and regular season MVP under his belt. He’s now at the helm of the franchise all the way into the next decade. And he believes that with his extension completed there will still be room for the Chiefs to be competitive at other positions and continue their winning ways.