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Chiefs star Tyrann Mathieu’s concerning reaction to Andy Reid’s illness

Tyrann Mathieu, Chiefs, Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid fell ill after Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Naturally, Tyrann Mathieu and the rest of the team couldn’t help but be concerned of their coach.

Mathieu took to Twitter to share his reaction to the news and show his worries about Reid’s condition. He went on to call the Chiefs’ head tactician “one of the best men and teachers” that he’s been around.

Andy Reid was not able to do his postgame press conference following the Chiefs’ 30-24 loss to the Chargers. He was still able to meet with Tyrann Mathieu and the rest of the team after the defeat, but medical personnel had to check him immediately due to his condition.

The 63-year-old coach then had to be taken off the arena through an ambulance since he’s not feeling good and was dehydrated, although the team said it was merely a precautionary measure and nothing serious.

Hopefully, Reid recovers quickly from the illness and rejoin the Chiefs as soon as possible. After back-to-back defeats–losing in Week 2 against the Baltimore Ravens–Kansas City needs their head coach now more than ever as they attempt to get back to the win column.

Fortunately for the Chiefs, their next game is not until Sunday when they visit the Philadelphia Eagles. With that said, Reid has some more time to recover and give himself a rest.