Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill stated once again he holds no ill will toward WR coach Greg Lewis.

Hill was caught on camera shoving Lewis late in the team's 22-17 win over the Cleveland Browns last weekend. He tweeted after the game Lewis is like his “uncle,” and said Wednesday the shove was a result of his energy and passion:

“I play the game with so much passion. I was just trying to give the guys energy,” Tyreek Hill said, via video from Mitchel Summers of WIBW. “We put so much in this game. Like, I come off the sideline like fired up and I just give my coach a shove.”

The All-Pro wideout also clarified that, had there been real malice behind the shove, teammates and coaches alike would have been holding him back:

“A lot of people seen it as me as being a hothead on the sideline, being a diva you could say, but it wasn’t nothing like that,” Tyreek Hill said, via Summers. “It was just I was fired up and trying to give the guys energy. Think about it. I wish everybody would just think about it: If I would have really pushed my coach, everybody would have been holding me back.”

Indeed, Lewis himself did not make much of the shove. He hardly reacted when Hill first pushed him, and subsequent footage showed the two talking things out and sharing a laugh.

Hill always has played with that ferocious energy, which very much runs in accordance with his game-breaking speed and shiftiness on the football field.

The Chiefs will look for Tyreek Hill to bring all that and more as they compete for a second straight Super Bowl berth on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.