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Tyreek Hill speaks out on his multi-sport talents

Tyreek Hill, Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill can torch opposing defenses from all over the football field, and his play-making versatility makes him one of the sport’s most impactful players.

However, Hill’s athletic skillfulness transcends the gridiron. Like so many star athletes across the professional sports spectrum, Hill excelled in multiple sports.

The Chiefs wideout routinely makes improbably downfield catches with his innate ball-tracking ability, something he credits to his days shagging flies in the outfield:

“I played center field, so I was able to track the ball really well,” Hill explained to Forbes. “Obviously, I got the speed to keep up with the ball, but I feel like God just blessed me able to play numerous sports: baseball, playing kickball, football, whatever the case may be, catching alley-oops on a basketball hoop.”

Hill, who hosts an annual charity basketball game for The Tyreek Hill Foundation, has skills on the hardwood, too. He has no problem elevating for dunks despite his 5’10 stature, thanks to a ridiculous 40-inch vertical leap—which he’s used to haul in Patrick Mahomes passes with the Chiefs.

In a shocker to absolutely no one, Hill, who’s been clocked at 4.26 seconds in the 40-yard dash, also excelled in track and field at Coffee High in Douglas, Georgia. In 2012, he posted an Olympic-level time in the 200 meters (20.14 seconds).

In fact, the Chiefs star said he recently considered making a run at the Olympic games:

“I was real serious about it. I feel like I’m going to the prime of my career and I’m feeling stronger than ever,” Hill said. “I can compete with some of those guys. I mean, I feel like I can at least place. [I] may not win, but I’m going to at least place with those guys.”

For now, though, he’ll be focused on using his otherworldly speed and athleticism to help Kansas City repeat as Super Bowl champions.