Chris Curtis is set to take on Rodolfo Vieira in a fun scrap at UFC Vegas 57. The bout features a power puncher in Curtis taking on a submission artist in Vieira. The fight is expected to be a very exciting one and almost guarantees a finish.

Heading into the fight, Chris Curtis is very honest about his strengths and weaknesses against an opponent that likes to snatch up submissions on the ground. Curtis has been very careful about how he prepares for a fighter like Rodolfo Vieira.

“I’ve reached a point in my career now where I’ve fought a lot of different people, a lot of different things, and I’ve kind of realized that whenever I prepare for somebody specifically, I tend to fail miserably,” Curtis told reporters at Wednesday’s UFC Vegas 57 media day (h/t MMAJunkie). “My jaunt in PFL taught me the pitfalls of preparing for something that may or may not happen or may be different.

“So really, instead of worrying about how great he is on the ground, I accept right away I’m never gonna beat Rodolfo Vieira on the ground. Maybe I can get the lucky, weird Fluffy submission but I’m not gonna bank on that. Like, I’m not gonna out-grapple him.”

When asked about trying to grapple with Rodolfo Vieira at UFC Vegas 57, Chris Curtis was very honest and kept his answer simple. Trying to out-grapple a grappler is a very tricky task for anyone.

“Fuck no,” Curtis said. “There’s no way. People were like, ‘Oh, you think you can grapple him?’ Like, no. His nickname is the black belt, like why would I even? Like, why would that ever be a part of the gameplan?

“I love the internet thinks I’m stupid too. I always get messages on Twitter like, ‘Hey man, just don’t go to the ground with him.’ Like, I never would have considered this to be my path to victory. Thank you, wise sir.”