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Video: Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan immediately regret celebratory headbutt

The at times volatile on-court relationship between Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan has matured into a solid one now that the L.A. Clippers sit in first place in the league standing with a 10-1 record.

During Monday night’s 32-point rout of the Brooklyn Nets, Jordan tipped an offensive rebound to himself, which ended up in Paul’s hands before the ball went out of bounds. To congratulate him in the effort, the 6-foot guard gave the 6-foot-11 Jordan a celebratory headbutt which didn’t end in the best of ways.

Ouch! We can sit here and argue who is the most hard-headed one of the two, but they’re lucky their celebration won’t result in something worse.

Stick to those high fives, gents.

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