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Panthers, Colts, Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey: Bold Predictions for the Panthers RB in Week 16 vs. Colts

Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey is going to have even more pressure to perform than usual considering the team’s quarterback change.

Against the Indianapolis Colts, the Panthers will surely continue to feed McCaffrey the rock and he could be in store for a big game on Sunday as a result. So how big of a performance is he going to have?

Let’s breakdown three bold predictions for McCaffrey’s upcoming performance against the Colts.

3. McCaffrey has a 100 percent snap count

Christian McCaffrey, Panthers


McCaffrey has been on the field for every offensive play the Panthers have run in seven games so far this season, and on Sunday it will be game number eight. McCaffrey is a special talent and they really don’t let any other running backs even see the field. Running back Reggie Bonnafon has the second-highest amount of snaps out of that position and he has only 48 on the season.

Bonnafon has seen only two snaps over the team’s last four games and he won’t see any in this one. It’s going to be all about McCaffrey in this game and he is going to control the backfield again.

2. McCaffrey has 12 or more catches

Christian McCaffrey, Panthers


McCaffrey hasn’t caught more than 11 passes in any of his last nine outings for the Panthers, but on Sunday, he is going to blow by that number with a big game out of the backfield. With a young quarterback, there will be a frequent need to involve McCaffrey as an outlet option.

Alvin Kamara caught five passes out of the backfield against the Colts in their last game, and he didn’t play as many snaps as McCaffrey will. McCaffrey is going to win a lot of people’s fantasy football championships.

1. McCaffrey breaks 200 yards from scrimmage

Panthers, Christian McCaffrey


McCaffrey is having a special season for the Panthers and needs only 398 yards from scrimmage in his final two games to break the NFL record for yards from scrimmage in a single-season set by Chris Johnson in 2009.

With a young quarterback in Will Grier in the lineup, there is likely going to be a lot of handing the ball off to McCaffrey and trying to get him involved any way they can.

Who knows how much success it’s actually going to lead to in terms of the team winning the game, but McCaffrey is going to have a big individual game. That is also going to set him up in good shape to break the record in Week 17 against the New Orleans Saints. It wouldn’t actually be that shocking to see McCaffrey get closer to that 250 or 275-yard mark.