Clippers news: Boban Marjanovic joins Twitter after announcing Bobi + Tobi Show
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Boban Marjanovic joins Twitter after announcing Bobi and Tobi Show

Boban Marjanovic

The unexpected and hilarious news out of Los Angeles on Wednesday was the launch of the Bobi and Tobi Show featuring Boban Marjanovic and Tobias Harris. The two Clippers are like the NBA’s odd couple and this show is a hilarious move by the pair.

But Marjanovic’s decision to finally create a Twitter is almost as important as the debut of the Bobi and Tobi Show. Harris was as excited as Clippers fans were.

Marjanovic is still unverified and as of 12:30 pm. PST on Wednesday, he only had around 800 followers. The introduction of the Bobi and Tobi Show is Marjanovic’s only self-published tweet so far. He’s retweeted four different tweets. One from Harris, another from the Clippers with a Marjanovic dunk clip, and two from Clippersholics.

It’s unclear just how active Marjanovic will be via social media. If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that fans are already excited for more Marjanovic-Harris antics in the future.

Boban Marjanovic enters the final year of his contract and first full season with the Clippers. The hulking big man has yet to play consistent minutes in his first three seasons. He’s mostly been used as a depth big and a guy that can come in and disrupt the flow of the game with his presence inside.

He’s slow-footed so he can get targeted by opposing teams in the pick-and-roll, but conversely, his size helps him create roll gravity on the offensive end.

Even if Clippers fans don’t get to see more of Bobi on the floor, at least they’ll get to see more of him on social media.