Kyrie Irving will continue to be floated in NBA rumors until his next destination is revealed. With NBA free agency starting officially on Friday, Nick Wright believes that the Los Angeles Clippers should bypass the whole process and trade for Kyrie Irving, via First Things First.

“I would like to see a sign-and-trade with the Los Angeles Clippers…you guys are opening a brand new stadium…you can have a guy that puts butts in seats, and can give you a point guard scoring punch…it would shake the snow globe for both franchises that desperately need to shake it.”

Nick Wright proposes a wild trade, although it has some legs. His first argument is that the Clippers need a star that will get fans to buy tickets for their new stadium. Kyrie Irving can certainly be that star while being less likely to get injured like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Furthermore, Nick Wright proposes that either Kawhi Leonard or Paul George would be the Mavs return in the trade, and either player would pair perfectly with Luka Doncic because they are not ball dominant. He prefaces by saying that the trade is an unlikely scenario, however the argument for why it should happen is not necessarily unsound.

Once NBA free agency gets going this Friday, Kyrie Irving will dominate headlines until he signs somewhere. There is no doubt that the Mavs and Clippers could shake up the NBA world by executing a sign-and-trade that has Kyrie Irving landing in Los Angeles and either Kawhi Leonard or Paul George ending up in Dallas.