Clippers news: Doc Rivers happy that Paul George is 'unhappy' about 33-point debut
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Clippers’ Doc Rivers happy that Paul George is ‘unhappy’ about 33-point debut

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It’s a strange thing to hear, but Paul George’s 33-point debut for the Los Angeles Clippers was a performance he was far from happy with. That fact gives Clippers coach Doc Rivers an entire world’s worth of delight.

Rivers was interviewed after the team’s 132-127 defeat to the New Orleans Pelicans to hear his opinion on George’s take on his game. He said that he’s happy George is mad at his game because that means he wants to improve on his game.

He then discussed the biggest hole in Paul George’s game, which was his defensive effort and the turnovers he caused.

“Defensively, he struggled,” Rivers said of his defensive game. “He got in foul trouble.”

However, he said that he’s more than impressed with George’s offensive prowess. He said that it’s not often that someone would be able to score 33 points in only 25 minutes of game time. It’s due to these performances that he’s also eager to see how George will improve from this point forward.

From the way PG answered questions about his performance, it was obvious that he set high standards for himself.

“I thought I was terrible,” said George, per Slam Online.

“A lot of breakdowns happened because of my lack of being out there with those guys,” George said. “I’m here to win games and I didn’t get a win. … We had a chance to win tonight and a couple bad possessions in a row that we have down the stretch and we lose. That’s what I gauge good games and bad games on.”

Clippers fans hope that PG will soon be back to top form and help the Clippers to a first-place finish by April.