The 2024-25 season promises to be the dawn of a new era for the Los Angeles Clippers. Long under the shadow of their in-city rival, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Clippers will finally be departing Arena, with the 18,000-seater Intuit Dome set to begin operations in August. And as they embark on a new beginning, the Clippers are also overhauling the team's art, rolling out a new logo, new jerseys, and a new court design to mark this grand occasion.

On Monday morning, the Clippers finally unveiled the team's new branding, with the team opting to change its logo with a more modern look complete with imagery of a compass (signaling the franchise's forward and upward motion) and a naval ship.

Per Tomer Azarly, Clippers beat reporter for ClutchPoints:

In recent years, the Clippers have leaned more and more on its black color scheme. But with their new logo, they seem to be utilizing the navy blue color much more openly. This can be seen in their primary court design for next season's Intuit Dome opening as well, as they are eschewing the use of monochromatic hues (against the natural color of hardwood) in favor of the team's predominant navy blue, red, and white colors.

But the major change that should get fans hyped up for next season is the introduction of the new jerseys that will bring back the Clippers' signature cursive font. The Clippers went away from their iconic script typeface when they first rebranded under team governor Steve Ballmer, but in recent years, they have re-incorporated that font. Now, they are using the signature script as the team's main branding, with a few tweaks giving the typeface a sharper look.

Forging their own identity apart from being the Lakers' so-called “little brothers” has been a must for a while now for the Clippers, and this rebrand certainly gives them a more distinct look than ever before. As Zach Lowe of ESPN pointed out, on the side of the Clippers' statement red jerseys, the creative team put the nautical symbols for “LAC”, fully embracing the naval imagery that birthed the Clippers brand.

In the end, the Clippers certainly took a more brazen approach to their 2024 rebrand, a welcome change of pace from their panned design change back in 2015.