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Gilbert Arenas rips Clippers’ Lou Williams for going to Magic City for wings

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Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas didn’t shy away from ripping Los Angeles Clippers sixth man Lou Williams for his Magic City gaffe. The scoring guard left under an excused absence to attend the funeral of his mentor Paul Williams Sr., but was caught at popular strip club Magic City when rapper Jack Harlow posted a picture of the two on his Instagram story.

Williams noted he went there for the club’s popular chicken wings, but Arenas pressed the BS button faster than we can say “Hibachi.”

Via TMZ Sports:

“I would never eat at a strip club. I don’t go to the strip club to eat wings,” Gilbert told TMZ. “I can go to Wing Stop for some wings. I go to the strip club to see strippers.”

The Clippers guard apologized for his gaffe earlier this week as he finished out his quarantine:

“Well, in hindsight, I think as far as the public safety issue goes, I probably could have made a better-quality decision. I was a little naive in that aspect,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “… After looking back on it, with everything going on in the world, the pandemic, maybe it wasn’t the best quality decision. I chalk it up at that, take my L, and keep moving.”

Arenas wasn’t buying Williams’ excuse, but he certainly wasn’t chiding him or any other player trapped in the bubble without a means to some adult entertainment:

“You’re talking about grown men, 85% of them single and you have them locked up at Disney World?” said Arenas. “[They’re] prima donnas right now.”

“No Chill Gil” has never been shy of telling it like it is — and he might have a point here. Established veteran stars with wives and kids might be able to make the time go by with FaceTime calls and Zoom meetings with family, but the singles might be going crazy without some outside entertainment to fill their time.