The basketball world has sorely missed Kawhi Leonard. The Los Angeles Clippers superstar has been out since the start of the season due to a leg injury he suffered in last year's playoffs. Now, as the year 2021 draws to a close, we learn that the Fun Guy's return might come sooner than anticipated.

According to Clippers executive Jerry West's recent update, Kawhi Leonard is making incredible progress in his rehab from injury. Here's what The Logo has to say about Kawhi. (via The Tim Kawakami Show on The Athletic)

“I have to say, I've never seen a harder working person in my life. If you look at him now, he looks great. Doing things that I didn't expect he could do. I'm not a doctor and certainly don't know what the ongoing problems for not being in tip top shape, ready to play a much quicker and more agile game. But just watching him, my goodness. If you watch him walk around, you would never know that he had that operation. There's more to it than that because it's a tremendous burden you put on your body every time you go out there and compete.”

That's encouraging news to hear regarding Kawhi's status. His tenure with the Clippers has been marred with load management failing to protect him from injuries come the postseason. With a few months time of recovery seemingly going well, we can expect the return of the Klaw anytime soon.

Not like the Clippers have been struggling without him, anyway. Despite missing one-half of their star duo, the squad sits at a decent 17 – 15 record and the fifth place in the Western Conference. Could they do better with Kawhi back? Absolutely, but the fact that the Clippers aren't falling off a cliff without their star means that Leonard can take his time recovering.

The Clippers have quietly been a pretty good team even without The Klaw. When Kawhi Leonard comes back to injury, we might see a new king crowned in Los Angeles, with the Lakers struggling mightily.