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Kawhi Leonard reacts to rumors Uncle Dennis sought improper benefits from Lakers and Raptors

Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, Jeanie Buss, Uncle Dennis

PLAYA VISTA – LA Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard was in the headlines in the days leading up to the Christmas Day matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers. On Monday, The Athletic released a report on an investigation into Leonard’s free agency and what his uncle, Dennis Robertson, reportedly asked the Clippers, Lakers, and Toronto Raptors for throughout the process.

On the morning of Christmas Eve at Clippers practice, Leonard addressed those rumors.

“I didn’t see that,” responded Leonard when asked about the story.

When asked if he had knowledge of Robertson requesting things like a private plane, a house, part-ownership of the team, and endorsement money, Kawhi Leonard said he had no knowledge of it.

“I don’t know,” continued Leonard. “I didn’t read it, so I don’t know how reliable it is. I don’t have no knowledge of it. I have no knowledge of it, people make up stories every day.”

In The Athletic’s story, the NBA conducted an investigation into the Clippers and found no evidence of any wrongdoing.

“According to three sources with knowledge of the situation, the NBA conducted a formal investigation of the Clippers last summer after complaints surfaced that Robertson had asked for improper benefits during the free agency process.

While sources with knowledge of the investigation said no evidence was found indicating that the Clippers had granted any of the lavish requests, the underlying message coming from Commissioner Adam Silver remains: He sees salary cap circumvention as a cardinal sin in the NBA, and will always keep a watchful eye on that front.”

Surely, this isn’t what the Clippers wanted to be discussing in the days leading up to the biggest game of the year, but it doesn’t appear this will serve as a distraction.