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Lou Williams backs up Blazers’ Damian Lillard

Lou Williams, Damian Lillard

A fan criticized Damian Lillard for not posting some workout videos over the long summer. Lillard responded to the fan and Lou Williams of the L.A. Clippers backed him up.

On Twitter, a fan was wondering why Lillard hasn’t posted a single workout in the offseason, unlike most NBA players. Lillard quickly responded:

Williams joined in the conversation and sent out a sarcastic quip to aid Lillard:

Workouts of NBA players can be readily found online these days. Stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, among others, have lots of videos online which feature them undergoing intense workouts with a bunch of trainers. Like they always say, it’s in the offseason when they get better. It’s where they improve and polish their skills, with hopes of taking it to the next level.

That’s why the fan’s claims are pretty valid. Most people, including NBA players, document their daily lives anyway. So why isn’t Lillard posting any videos of him grinding it out?

Yet Lillard’s response says it all. He’s really the silent-worker type — opting to work at his own pace, in his own gym, shut every form of distraction down and focus on the task at hand. The results will manifest come the regular season.