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Lou Williams on Kawhi Leonard’s work ethic amid notorious reputation

Clippers, Kyle Lowry, Lou Williams, Kawhi Leonard

Kyle Lowry recently opened up about how Kawhi Leonard’s style of play earned him a bit of a notorious reputation among some folks. This time around, another one of Leonard’s former Los Angeles Clippers teammates in Lou Williams, who is now with the Atlanta Hawks, has decided to apeak out on Kawhi’s work ethic.

In a recent appearance on a podcast, Williams hilariously revealed how Kawhi Leonard operates at an extremely slow pace:

“Kawhi is there an hour and a half before practice, he’s there an hour and a half after practice, but that’s just his speed though … he need half the day to get his shit together,” Williams said.

To be clear, Lou Williams isn’t bashing Kawhi here. As a matter of fact, the context of this conversation was comparing Leonard to a few all-time greats in James Harden, Allen Iverson, and Kobe Bryant. All Williams is pointing out is that Kawhi operates at such a slow speed. Nonetheless, he still gets the job done.

Leonard made headlines recently after former Raptors teammate Kyle Lowry opened up about how Kawhi “rubbed people the wrong way” during his time in Toronto. While Leonard’s ball-dominant style of play did not sit well with everyone, Lowry wasn’t really bothered by it. It’s all about winning for him, and he and Leonard did just that with the Raptors.

Williams’ statement here is somewhat similar. This could easily be misinterpreted as a diss against Kawhi Leonard when, in fact, Lou is actually speaking highly about his ex-teammate.