The Los Angeles Clippers in the late 2010s had a lot of depth and star power in their squad. Their stars up to their eighth man had such great name recall. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard's link-up in the team raised expectations more than it did eyebrows. A lot of people were expecting them to compete with their rival team across the halls, the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the pandemic hit, and a change in structure shook up the NBA. Patrick Beverley posited that this was the reason why they could not win the Larry O'Brien trophy.

A lot was going well for the Clippers and it looked like they were poised to match up against the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. Their 49 wins and 23 losses allowed them to gain the second-best record in their conference. The bracket seemed all set for an epic Los Angeles-themed battle. Although, the Kawhi Leonard-led squad would find it hard to advance despite having the second-best offensive rating and the fifth-most outstanding defensive rating was not enough. They would eventually lose to Nikola Jokic's Denver Nuggets in the second round after a generational performance from Jamal Murray.

Patrick Beverley outlined how things could have gone differently if the pandemic did not hit.

The team would then get a lot of question marks about their performances. Some fans have even called for the dismantling of the Paul George and Klaw-led core given their lack of success together.

Do you agree with this bubble take by Patrick Beverley?