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Clippers’ Patrick Beverley reacts to getting fined for throwing game ball into the stands vs. Lakers


LA Clippers guard Patrick Beverley apologized to the team’s fans for getting fined for throwing the game ball into the stands right after they snagged the victory against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Via Twitter, the Clippers vet said that he wanted to give the fans the game ball because they were to supportive and filled with energy the entire game.

Peep the video of the incident. Right after the final buzzer, notice that Beverley tosses the ball into the stands and runs away.

Was the sanction necessary? Or did Beverley really deserve it? For those who have followed his career, you all know how much of a high-octane player he is. He’s not just a great defender, but he’s probably the most intense player in the Clippers roster.

Some will probably say that the fine was worth it given that the Clippers were able to win the Battle in LA with a score of 112-102. While Beverley just had two points, he ended the game with a +13. All throughout the game, he showcased some stellar defense and annoyed the hell out of the Lakers.

The Clippers will head to Chase Center on Thursday to face the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center. Fans should expect Beverley to put up his best defensive stance against Stephen Curry and D’Angelo Russell.