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Clippers’ Patrick Beverley ready to move on from Rockets loss, focused on Paul George return

Paul George, Patrick Beverley, Clippers

It has been a rough night for Patrick Beverley and the Los Angeles Clippers after they fell short against fellow championship contenders, Houston Rockets. They weren’t able to do anything, with James Harden freely scoring against Bev and the rest of the defense.

Rusell Westbrook was so happy with the win that he even dragged Beverley’s name through the mud, calling him a weak defender. Knowing the animosity that has been simmering between the two, the press immediately took off for the Clippers’ locker room to hear what Beverley has to say about Brodie’s trash talk.

However, the media walked away disappointed when his response was a rather tamer one than what they first expected it to be.

Beverley is completely correct in his thinking. There’s still plenty of basketball left to be played, and they will be facing the Rockets a couple more times this season. And if they meet in the playoffs, Beverley has a maximum of seven games to drill into Westbrook’s head just how elite of a defender he is.

Advanced statistics speak for his case. According to Basketball Reference, the point guard has the 18th-highest Defensive Box Plus/Minus in the league at 3.3. He is also 18th in defensive win shares with his 0.5.

Moreover, Paul George was not in the game. If Beverley and Kawhi can already push the Rockets to such an extent, one can only imagine what kind of defense they will have with PG back on the team.

It’s a good move for Beverley to ignore the noise. After all, it’s the postseason where you need to walk the talk.